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    Inspirational Sites

    • Effers Dares
      Scrapbooking but could be inspirational to Stamper's too!
    • Michelle Ward
      The Queen of Green Pepper Press.
    • Sulea Lee
      Known for her scenic stamping, but actually her paintings and collage are even better!
    • b-muse Zine
      Super cool site with masses of luxurious inspiration! Yum!
    • Jane Crowther
      A site called 'Bug Art' may not appear to be immediately inspiring, but Jane's work in the world of Greeting Card Design is perfect Brayergirl fodder....
    • Catalina Estrada
      A wonderful Colombian Artist. Take a few minutes to check out her work, you won't be disappointed!
    • Wednesday Stamper
      A new Stamper's challenge every Wednesday!
    • Try it Tuesdays
      Yes there do seem to be a lot of these cropping up now, but this one is definitely worth looking at. This Inspiration site is a little different in that you get to try a new technique (and you know I'm a sucker for those...) following descriptions given when the technique for each week is posted. When you've created your piece of Art, you post your picture and you could then win a prize!
    • My Colour Challenges on 2Ps
      This is where I post my weekly colour challenges on the 2Ps Gallery and Message Board
    • Studio Friday
      Weekly Art inspired challenges

    Websites I Love

    Other Blogs worth checking out

    • The Paperquilter
      Ethel Amutan's Crafty Vintage blog
    • Shari Carroll
      Hero Arts Designer
    • Jen Hall
      Australian Scrapper Extraordinaire
    • Klaarte's Art World
      Some cool techniques on this Dutch blog
    • Lime Tart Articulations
      Philippa Barr's Lime Tart Blog. I had coffee with Philippa when I was in Canberra
    • Vintage Papers
      Nancy Maxwell James's blog. Nancy loves Lighthouses and Vintage papers and images.
    • Aud Nordheim
      A Norwegian fellow stamper, Aud is about to launch her own Stamp line!
    • Dymphie's Paper Adventures
    • Kimberly Kwan
      Even if this weren't an Arty blog, it would be worth reading just for the hilarious exploits of Kim's PIL (that's Psycho-in-Law, to you and me!)
    • Stamping Mathilda
      Hooray! Godelieve finally has her own blog!
    • il Bloggo
      Hanna lives in Sweden. Check out her pretty blog written in English where she features all her handmade toys, her beautiful Swedish lifestyle, and gorgeous cat Smilla. If you understand Swedish, you can also read her Book reviews in 'Hanna's Bibliotek' (Hanna's Library - bet you didn't know that I could read a little Swedish!)
    • Audrey Hernandez
      Audrey is well known (and well published!) for her vintage pieces of work. I am proud to say that Audrey has recently started visiting my blog, so the very least I can do is link mine back to hers! Lovely work!
    • LiannaLlama
      Another 2Ps buddy - Lianne also belongs to Our Front Porch like I do. I actually met Lianne's FIL when I was working in Budapest.
    • The Altered Diva
      Another 2Ps member who's work I greatly admire! I LOVE the colours that she uses!
    • Babsarella
      Babsarella is another member of 2Ps who specialises in Collage art. She does some really cool stuff!

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